Saturday November 12 at
Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

This all day Writers Conference is for all authors and writers interested in Mammoth Cave. Noted authors and poets will present ideas and useful tips on how to improve your fiction, nonfiction, history, poetry, articles, books, and stories. Bring samples of your own work. Writers and participants can offer tips and suggestions.

The Mammoth Cave Writers Conference will be held in conjunction with Roots in the Cave, a conference focused on the families of the Mammoth Cave region and their history. This Roots conference features the historic Miller family, two generations of managers of Mammoth Cave. For more information on the Roots in the Cave schedule (which begins Friday evening), see the Schedule page for the Friday program and click here for updates on the Roots Facebook group.

Writers Conference leaders are Colleeen Olson, Roger Brucker, Norman Warnell, Katie Algeo, Bill Haponski, Stan Sides, Tres Seymour, and others.